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Restaurant/Menu Consulting
Kiki Luthringshausen has become influential in Chicago's cuilnary scene offerring expert and confidential advice to restaurants, both new and existing. With almost two decades of experience in running a business, Kiki provides valuable insight ranging from marketing techniques, interior spaces to narrowing down menu selections. As a former interior designer, she can start consulting at the blueprint level through opening the restaurant with a fabulous event all while assisting with copy for press and website. For more information, email Kiki.

e+o, Mt. Prospect, Il. 

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Argent Chicago

Freelance Writing
Contact Kiki directly for inquiries pertaining to freelance projects. She is well-versed in all aspects of lifestyle focusing primarily on food, chefs, interior design and home trends. She has been published in various print and online publications such as The Daily Herald and Make It Better. Currently, Kiki is a contributing writer for Modern Luxury's newest publication, NS Magazine, as well as member of the Advisory Board. She also guest edits for the Chicago edition of Kiki has also been hired as a ghost writer for several website development projects providing the copy for each page. For more information, email Kiki

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Lifestyle Host/Marketing Event
Being a fixture in Chicago's vast social and professional network, Kiki can provide event planning for restaurants and companies focused on all areas of lifestyle. From Champagne parites, small tastings and panel discussions, Kiki can create the right opportunity to get your message to the proper demographic. As a lifestyle host and emcee, Kiki works hands-on to generate buzz through cross marketing techniques. For more information, email Kiki


Epicurean Entertainer Kiki Luthringshausen is the official Ambassador for Mariano's Fresh Market. Kiki created the Dish'n with Beauty and Her Feast which highlights seasonal products through cooking demos and customer focused events. She approaches "cart-to-table" recipes demonstrated in-store each week. Check the calendar for locations. 

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