When in Rome…My Month in Italy Starts Now!

By kikilu — July 11, 2014

day 1.5

When in Rome…

[Fried Lice]
Yes, it’s a far cry from creative but on my first day I’m hoping to blend in. Let me provide a little color to our “get away safe” plan that somehow went awry. Exactly 48 hours before we were departing for our month-long trip to Italy, I took the kids for haircuts when the stylist quietly came out and said, “Can I talk to you for a sec?” Thinking maybe Lucie was having a prepubescent meltdown over to many layers, she instead informed me that Lucie most definitely had a case of head lice. STOP. THINK. CRY…in any order works. At that very moment I was somewhere between—jack-pissed you’ve got to be f*&^ing kidding me and curling up in a ball and crying.  Next, I started scratching my head, literally, and called the Hair Fairies. Yes, the Hair Fairies get rid of lice and quickly. Not only was I leaving but I also had renters arriving to our place within an hour of our departure. How does this sh*t happen to me. Turns out, we all had some form of lice – eggs and eggs + bugs. My head truly hurt from the Hair Fairies (who really looked like Wayne’s World) combing away my misery but I needed to push through.

We raced home, stripped the beds, and vacuumed the furniture, Lucie had some drama that I mildly dealt with while I finished packing. I told myself I would sleep on the plane. No matter how you cut it, I was supposed to be excited for a month-long trip to Italy and instead I’m fighting critters on our heads. Oh, wait…then the cable went out.


Ding Dong…
The renters show up and we are throwing garbage out the back door as we welcome them at the front door. The walk-through goes smoothly and I casually slip in, “Oh, FYI, we all had lice but we are all clear and the house is good to go.” Never in my life have I thoroughly scrubbed, cleaned, tossed and hosed down our place. 


Ciao Bella
After one margarita, two glasses of red and a sleeping pill, we safely arrived in Rome. Quickest flight to Europe…EVER. We head to the apartment and take a little nap before heading to lunch. Not my finest moment in restaurant choice but hey, they had pasta, they had pizza and the kiddos were happy if not still a little sleepy. They were mostly concerned with finding the street with “tons of gelataria” shops, which we did indeed. So, day one is tucked neatly away and tomorrow we wake to start fresh and discover Rome. 


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