Beauty Mark — Victoria Gourmet Herbes de Provence

By kikilu — July 22, 2013

This is a no-brainer flavor booster that I live by in the kitchen. Having returned home from France many a times with herbes de provence, this is my go-to Stateside selection. For a simple meal, I pound out chicken breast, brush with olive oil then generously sprinkle on the herbes. I grill and serve the chicken with arugula, cherry tomatoes and shaved parmigiano with lemon on the side. It's even fantastic for large parties. Considering all the fancy dishes we dine out on and numerous recipes I test, this is a family favorite. 

Victoria Gourmet has several flavor profiles that are also great. I use the New Orleans seasoning in my gumbo as well. The spice mixes are easy to find or you can order them in assorted gift packs online. 


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