Episode 7: Cooking with Beauty Chicago Cut and Chef Jackie Shen

By kikilu — August 22, 2011

What would Beauty be without a steak in Chicago? Maybe it's obvious but how many times have you charred the steak too much? Or slightly overcooked it. I've always been told that you put the steak on the grill and don't touch it except to turn once. Not so when dealing with a thicker cut of meat. Chicago Cut invited me to join Chef Jackie Shen in their kitchen for Steak 101 and to watch Chef Shen make her famous Chocolate Bag. My birthday is coming up soon and I might need to make a visit to celebrate because I fell in love…watch and you will see. I never would have thought you could make this dessert at home, but you absolutely can. Or, you can do as Beauty and Her Feast does and sit overlooking the river for a fabulous steak followed by this gorgeous dessert. 


Chicago Cut
300 N. LaSalle Street

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